Snakes & Ladders Slot Review: Super Lucky Slot

Snakes & Ladders Slot Review: Super Lucky Slot


Type: Classic Slot

Jackpot: 600x your bet

Reels: 3

Paylines: 5

House edge: 5%

Coins range: 0.05 - 5.00

Minimum Bet: 0.25

Maximum Bet: 25

Maximum Win: 15,000

Free spins: No

Bonus rounds: Snakes & Ladders Mini Game

Why Should You Play This Slot?

Interesting combination of traditional board game and modern-day symbols.

Ample of chances for players to win a decent sum of money.

 Autoplay feature so that you can sit back and relax.

About Snakes & Ladders Slot

If you have a soft spot for retro board games and classic themed slot machines, then Snakes & Ladders by Realistic Games is the slot developed specially for you.  Realistic games have been in the industry for a very long time, and they have presented before players some of the popular, exciting slot games based on several diverse themes. If you have played Riverboat Gambler game by them, then you will not face any difficulty in understanding the concept of this class board game. Snakes & Ladders slot machine has 3 reels and 5 paylines. Symbols here are similar to the symbols you find in any traditional fruit machines. Apart from having an easy to understand gameplay and interesting symbols, the provider also has to offer a jackpot worth 16,000 credits which can be won by landing the right combination of symbols. It is important to mention here that the jackpot is not progressive.

Let’s have a look at the detailed review of the slot where we will shed light on the below-mentioned aspects of the slot. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether the slot is your cup of tea or not. We will go through following points:

1. Interface

All slots offered by Realistic Games are known for their distinct interface which makes the gameplay extremely simple, and Snakes & Ladders is no exception. In this game, the setup of reels has been designed in a background resembling brick and mortar cabinet. This special arrangement renders the slot the look of classic slot games. The base of the slot is also fruity in nature, but once you enter the feature games, you will find yourself on a new board game themed interface where your winnings depend on the snakes and ladders around you. You can say that the game has been designed in a manner which makes it easy for novice players to get grip n the rules and regulations of the game. In the background of the game is a dense forest with six snakes lying on both the sides of the screen. Reels are framed in bamboo which lends it a kind of spooky look to the slot but makes the experience best.

2. Payout

In the gameplay, you will come across many fruit machine symbols which will help you get your hands on a decent sum of real money. The minimum bet which can be placed in the game is 0.25, and the maximum bet is 25 which makes this slot game ideal for players with low bankroll as well as players who are focused towards winning a great deal of amount. Coins in this slot machine range from 0.05 to 5.00. Smallest paying symbol in the game is cherry which will pay three times your stake, next comes oranges symbol which pays five times your initial stake. Bells symbol can help you win 5 times your wagering amount and similarly berries fetch you six times. If you happen to land three or more melon symbols on any payline, you will be entitled to 15 times your payout. On the top is the Snakes & Ladders symbol which is the highest paying symbol in the slot. Getting this will help you receive 30 times your initial wagering value. Apart from this payout, the Snakes and Ladder symbol also offers a chance of re-trigger to players.

3. Technology

The Snakes & Ladders slot has an interface of 3x5 reels. Graphics of the game are powerful and deliver amazing gaming experience for first time players.  Developed by Realistic Games, this slot is based on leading technology which ensures that players enjoy a glitch-free and lag free gaming experience.  Realistic Games is a fairly small company; therefore, they lease their games on other casinos, and you can play the Snakes & Ladder game slot on several popular casinos across UK. With a distinct set of icons, high quality graphics, interesting bonus features and decent payouts, the slot game is worth trying.

4. Compatibility

Since mobiles are more commonly used for playing games; therefore, Realistic Games have taken complete care that mobile owners have the opportunity to play this interesting game from their mobile devices. The game is compatible with various mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops etc. The game can be directly accessed through visiting the casino owner’s site and the gameplay has been completely optimized for mobile devices to suit various screen sizes. In the terms of interface and gameplay, the features, and game setup is quite similar to both the desktop version as well as mobile version. You just require a good internet connection to play this slot game, and no download is required.

5. RTP and Maximum Winnings

As we have already told you, Realistic Games is a fairly small casino gaming software provider; therefore, they lease on their games on various popular casinos using other platforms; therefore, it is important that they mention the important statistical prospects of the game such as RTP, house edge, coin value, minimum and maximum permissible bet and maximum winning that can be achieved through slot. House edge mentioned in the details section of the Snakes & Ladder game is 5%, and the RTP is 95%. Such a high RTP reveals that the game offers decent payout to players, and you will certainly not be disappointed after playing the game. The maximum winning which can be attained through the game is of 12,000 credits. This is obtainable through getting the 600 times multiplier while playing on a 20 coin stake.

6. Symbols

This is a traditional gaming slot; therefore, there is not a wide range of symbols used in the game but few fruit based symbols with payout attached to them.

For example, landing the cherry symbol in the game will get you the winnings equal to three times your stake value; getting orange symbol will help you get five times your stake. The symbol of bells equates to five times your wagering amount, berries get you five times the stake. Next is the melon symbol. Get three or more of these symbols on any pay line, and you will get 15 times your initial wagering amount.

There are no wild symbols here, but the logo of the game i.e. Snakes & Ladder symbol is a big deal. Obtaining the Snakes & Ladders symbol on any active payline will result in winnings amounting to thirty times your wagering amount and will also offer a chance to retrigger the chance to win again. Once triggered, you will find yourself on a screen where you need to roll a dice featuring the faces with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ written on them.  If you keep on getting ‘yes’, your chance will be re-triggered, and if you get ‘No,’ the bonus game will end. Other symbols include a red dice which when landed will help you trigger the Snakes & Ladder feature.

7. Features

a) Varying Coin Value:

The online slot game has been designed by keeping in this mind that convenience of players and as a means of entertainment. Coin values which can be selected in the game are 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20. These values can be selected on the bet field by clicking on the increase or decrease arrow to reach to the desired coin value. Players have the complete freedom to choose the value they want to play on. But in order to get maximum winnings, we would advise you to pay with the maximum value of the coin. However, lines are fixed at five for all the games.

b) Autoplay Option:

In order to make the game easier for players, an autoplay option has been introduced in the slot game. Using this option, you can sit back and relax while the computer will spin on its own which means no human efforts are required at all to play the game. You can select from 10, 25, 50, 100 or 500 spins as per your preference in the autoplay option.

8. Bonus Features

There is only one Snakes & Ladders feature in the game. In this feature, you will play on a board placed on the top glass of the slot machine. This feature is initiated when you land three dice symbols. You need to touch the dice button to progress on the board. If you land on the end of the ladder, you will reach to its top automatically whereas if you land on the head of the snake, you will fall all the way down to its tail. You need to keep on hitting the dice button until you land a prize. Also, a double number when leads you to a prize, the amount of your prize value will also be doubled. No strict strategy is required to progress in the game.

For a three reel slot, the maximum winning of 12,000 credits is decent enough. This game is a perfect combination of a classic fruit machine and modern board based games. We recommend this game for players who are looking forward to entertainment and playing games for fun while winning a decent sum of money.